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Universal 1080°Splash Filter Faucet

Universal 1080°Splash Filter Faucet

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Upgrade Your Sink Experience with Universal 1080° Splash Filter Faucet

Join the movement toward sustainability with this practical and cost-effective solution.

Universal Swivel Robotic Arm Faucet Aerator 1080° - SensoLum

The faucet extension has proven to be extremely convenient both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, making it an ideal choice for various purposes 
Versatile Functionality for Efficient Tasks
Water-Saving Design for Sustainability
Easy Installation and User-Friendly Maintenance
Superior Quality and Elegant Design
Package Contents and Specifications.

Versatile Functionality for Efficient Tasks


Easily adjust the faucet extension's 1080° rotation to cater to your specific needs, such as face washing or quick sink rinsing.

Enjoy the versatility and efficiency this faucet extension brings to your sink area.

Water-Saving Design for Sustainability

Conserve water while optimizing your routine with the Splash Filter Faucet's water-saving design. The faucet extension regulates water pressure, preventing wastage and reducing your environmental footprint.
Choose the pressure mode that best suits your needs, knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice. Save on utility bills without compromising performance or convenience.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Maintenance

Experience hassle-free installation with the Universal 1080° Splash Filter Faucet.
Simply unscrew the existing aerator from your spigot and replace it with this efficient extension. Maintain your faucet extension with ease, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Enjoy the benefits of this user-friendly solution without any complicated setup or maintenance procedures. Spend more time enjoying the convenience of your faucet extension and less time on installation or repairs.

Superior Quality and Elegant Design

The Universal 1080° Splash Filter Faucet is crafted with premium ABS components for durability and longevity. Rest assured knowing your faucet extension is built to withstand daily use. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your sink area.

Enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom while enjoying the convenience of this high-quality extension.

Elevate your sink experience with a product that combines functionality and style seamlessly.

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