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Auto Labor-saving jack ratchet wrench

Auto Labor-saving jack ratchet wrench

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Ergonomic design, labor-saving: The thin handle is ergonomically designed, and the reinforced design is more firm and labor-saving.

Durable, rust-proof, durable, strong structure, rust-proof. The key rod of the utility model is firmly fixed on the plastic handle and is not easy to fall off.

Easy to use: Safe and labor-saving, easy to use.

High hardness and high torque: thick forged steel, general heat treatment, high hardness, large torque, good hardness, good toughness, and durability.

Scope of application: Ideal for emergency driving and changing wheels/tyres.

Applicable models: motorcycles, family cars, off-road vehicles, etc.

Product Specifications:

Effort-saving wrench Product name: Dual-purpose wrench

Material: steel plate + plastic + carbon steel

Size: 340mm


1 labor-saving dual-purpose wrench + adapter

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